Home Again: Clint Bowyer in Photos

Home Again: Clint Bowyer, as told through the lens of my iPhone and the Hipstamtic app.

The man himself.

Emporia, Kansas. I promise, it’s not haunted.

This photo may be in B&W, but it's not far off. Kansas was gray gray gray.

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Clint worked at a dealership growing up…


…now he owns it. Baller.

Cutting the ribbon with eco-friendly, wooden novelty scissors. I think he picked them up from Urban Outfitters.


Media crush.


Clint’s original race shop.


I was going to make a terrible pun here about bullcrap, but I chose not to. You’re welcome.

I can't tell if this bull is angry or sneezing. Maybe both.

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The coolest part in the feature, Clint’s first race car.


My favorite part of the feature, Clint’s amazing senior picture.


Cameraman extraordinaire, Roger Woodruff with GoTo Team. Hire him! He works for gum!

Camera guy Roggg. He's the reason it looks like I'm doing my job.

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Finally, here’s a random shot of my puppy, Walter.


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Unfortunately, he didn’t make the feature.

Next time, buddy.