Sending a Message

The school board chose to send a message. That message was that the health and continuity of the football team is more important than the health and safety of young women in that community.

When future anthropologists point to the moment that American sports fully coöpted the country’s soul and completely superseded ethical concerns, perhaps they will point to a coach–in the middle of “Real America”–that, according to a convicted rapist, thinks allegations of rape should be swept under the rug and laughed at.

A coach who saw those allegations as merely worthy of a two game suspension.

A coach who threatened a reporter, growling, “You’re gonna get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”

A coach who was not only spared a summary termination, but is granted an extension.

high school coach.


“‘What the Hell!’: Steubenville High School Football Coach Gets a Two-Year Contract Extension”

Author: Justin Blake Burnett

I'm a mediocre to slightly above average husband, a reader of cereal boxes, and a lover of Swiss Cake rolls. I'm also a feature producer for Fox Sports. I technically do sports stories, but the subject matter is usually all over the place, like me. I do other things, but they're not as interesting.

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