UPDATE: Picture Too Perfect

It appears my worrying was for naught. Tamping down on grandiose language didn’t tamp down the emotion of watching Shane Hmiel drive again, if viewer reactions on Twitter are any indication. I’m always humbled by the outpouring of emotion whenever I do a story on Shane—last night was no different, with viewers sharing their own stories with the #ShaneDrives hashtag.

DeLana Harvick, one of the most visible women in NASCAR, was also touched by the feature, and felt compelled to pass it around. (Incidentally, a conversation between her and Shane’s mom on Twitter was the catalyst for getting Shane in the car in the first place.)

And while most of the time you shouldn’t care one whit what the subject thinks, as it can compromise the integrity of the piece, I felt relieved when Shane himself felt I didn’t misrepresent his achievement. Intensely personal stories are always tricky, and I’m happy when they’re happy, especially with stuff that is difficult for them to watch.

If you missed it, I’ll leave the full feature here so you can check it out for yourself. If you find it as meaningful as some people have, leave a comment. And if all this talk about emotions is making you queasy, don’t worry—my next feature won’t be nearly as dramatic.


Author: Justin Blake Burnett

I'm a mediocre to slightly above average husband, a reader of cereal boxes, and a lover of Swiss Cake rolls. I'm also a feature producer for Fox Sports. I technically do sports stories, but the subject matter is usually all over the place, like me. I do other things, but they're not as interesting.

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